Genuine Maui Seaglass

What is seaglass? Well, it depends on who you ask. Our opinion is that seaglass is any glass we find in the ocean that has been tumbled in the surf and sand and polished to a soft smooth edge. Sea glass, beach glass, mermaids tears are a few different names. Here on Maui most of our glass has come from long ago ships that were in port, some is ballast that was tossed overboard. Certainly we find the occasional broken piece of china or porcelain that came from Japan or China on a ship or from someone’s kitchen. Some of our interesting finds have been opium bottles and a frozen Charlotte doll.

The most common colors we find here on Maui are white, amber, brown, then blues and greens. We have been lucky enough to find some yellow, a few red pieces and even orange.

We collect all the seaglass used in our designs. nothing has been tumbled or altered in any way except for drilling a hole for certain jewelry pieces.

If you find your piece of seaglass is looking really “dry” we suggest the tiniest bit of mineral oil rubbed on and then wiped off with a cloth. It will bring the luster back to the glass.

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Showing all 12 results